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Aputure Light Dome II

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The Aputure Light Dome II softbox is suitable for Aputure LS120 and 300 flashlights. With this softbox you create an incredibly smooth and large soft light. It is ideal for portraits, interviews and professional filmmakers. It is redesigned with a solid construction for quick installation by one person. It comes with a honeycomb grid, a gel holder and two diffusers (1.5 stop and 2.5 stop brightness). Features of the Aputure Light Dome II softbox * Ideal for portraits, interviews, professional film and facial shots * Full silver coating strengthens the output strength for more control over the light source * The deep design of the dome (61 cm deep) creates a tighter, more focused beam * Unique design with double diffuser ensures an even distribution of light throughout the entire field * Smooth, round hexadecagon light output for a nice catchlight * Bundled with 2 different thicknesses of the outer diffuser for a different softness (with 1.5 stop and 2.5 stop brightness) * Redesigned construction for quick installation by one person * Standard Bowens mount * Compatibility: Aputure Light Storm COB lamps * Softbox folded out: 890 x 650mm * Outdoor distribution: 885mm * Indoor distribution: 235mm * Gel container: 185 x 65mm * Weight: 2.3 kg Supplied as standard with the Aputure Light Dome II softbox * 1 x 1.5 stop diffuser * 1 x 2.5 stop diffuser * 1 x Honeycomb grid * 1 x Gel holder

Detaily produktu

Značka: Aputure
Kategorie: Softboxy
EAN: 6947214409554
Barva: silver
Pohlaví: unisex


Aputure Light Dome II