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Bayer Monitoring Traps Buxatrap Boxwood 1 Pcs

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Buxatrap has a strong appeal to the male buxus moths. They are attracted to the pheromone in the monitoring moth and fall into the container. The transparent container makes it easy to keep an eye on how many mats are caught. The buxus moot is active from mid April until October, with a peak between mid July and the end of September. His life cycle is short for about 45 days. For example, there may be three generations in one year. By catching the male buxus moths, this life cycle is interrupted. Product Features Sufficient for a whole season On a natural basis For 180 m2 or 200 meters Refillable Application advice The BUXatrap® is suitable for approximately 180 m2 or 200 stretching meters. A filling is active for 3 months. The BUXatrap® standard contains 2 fillings and is sufficient for the whole season. The trap can be easily reused and the fillings are also available as a refill pack.

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Bayer Monitoring Traps Buxatrap Boxwood 1 Pcs