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DJI Multi Charger for Phantom 4

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The DJI Multi Charger for Phantom 4 is a charging station that charges multiple Intelligent Flight Batteries from the DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter. At the same time, three batteries can be charged in series. The batteries are charged in order depending on power levels; starting with the battery that is the most full. The Storage Mode keeps the charge at 50%, thus keeping the voltage above the lowest security level; ideal for storage. Features of the Phantom 4 * Charging Station for DJI Phantom 4 batteries * Charges three batteries at once * First charging the most full battery * Storage mode maintains a 50% load * Charger not included – to be used in combination with standard charger In the Box * DJI Multi charger for Phantom 4 * User manual

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Značka: DJI
  • 6958265112836
  • CP.PT.000343


DJI Multi Charger for Phantom 4